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Our Vehicles are seen by at the least, 10,000 to 50,000 people per day. We are a moving bill board. Advertise with us and watch the Rush. More $ Money, More $ Money and More $ Money Yes,

 Yellow Van Taxi, LLC goal is to accommodate our passengers and to make sure that if your business use our taxis, your guess will receive accurate and timely services. Once you arrange pick up with one of our taxis, you will be able to track the movement of your taxi and its progress. Simply call the dispatcher, once your taxi order is confirmed you will be given a password to access: 

Yellow Van Taxi, LLC Taxi Tracking System Page.

About Us

Yellow Van Taxi, LLC was started February 22, 2009, and has been making its presence known in Charleston, South Carolina, by providing timely and affordable transportation to all of the locals and the much appreciated visitors that are attracted to our beautiful cities. 

Your comfort is our goal. We are dedicated to serving our passengers. Where ever you would like to go, we will get you there. 

Yellow Van Taxi, LLC has access to:

  • Air Force Base / Passenger Terminal
  • Charleston International Airport
  • Navy Weapon Station
  • South Carolina State Ports and the
  • Carnival Cruise Terminal

Our Vehicles

Yellow Van Taxi, LLC vehicles are all the latest Dodge Grand Caravans, that can sit up to six (6) passengers. All vehicles are equipped with meters and GPS tracking devices that allow us to give prospective passengers an accurate estimate time of arrival (ETA) and fare calculation. All vehicles are also equipped with DVD's that all for advertisement of local businesses to patronize. We have made it easy and safe to reserve and pay online - contact us now!

(843) 406 - 3555

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Yellow Van Taxi made our visit, very convenient and every time we needed transportation, our taxi was on time. Thanks Yellow Van Taxi... We will use your service again. Charleston SC

Yellow Van Taxi, LLC Drivers

Our friendly and helpful drivers will make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable ride to your desired destination. This is our home, and it's our mission to help you feel at home, getting you to where you need to be on time. Do not hesitate to flag one of Yellow Van Taxis, if you find yourself on the beautiful streets of Charleston after a wonderful night of enjoying the great meals served at the local restaurants, or over indulging in the fine clubs and the alcohol served. Safety and fun goes hand and hand. We will get you there, no need to drive, why risk a DUI

"Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!!!!!" So Remember (843) 406 - 3555

Customer Reviews

"Very dependable, the driver was polite and knowledgeable. Will definitely use again." -- John Wilson, Charleston SC

"The taxi was very clean and I really appreciated the timely arrival of the driver." Stacy Johnson, Spartan-burg SC

"Yes, Finally a taxi company that I can depend on. I really enjoyed the ride. Thanks for getting me to the Airport on time." Harry Jones, New York